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At Fullwell Cross Leisure Centre and Loxford Leisure Centre we have a fantastic swimming pools which are enjoyed by many throughout the whole community.

Why swimming?

Swimming is the nation's biggest participation sport and it's easy to see why. It is the ideal activity to work all the muscles in your body. 

It provides an excellent cardio-vascular workout and is the ideal warm up or cool down to start or complete your fitness workout. 

Swimming is less stressful on joints and muscles than other forms of exercise, boosting stamina and suppleness. It is in the perfect addition to your fitness programme invigorating and relaxing mind and body.

  • Is great fun
  • Is an activity for all ages
  • Is a life skill that can save lives
  • Is accessible for some people for whom other forms of physical activity are difficult - those with mobility problems for example and those who want low impact exercise
  • Encompasses a wide range of activities (fun sessions, Aquafit, water circuits, synchro, water polo to name a few)
  • Is a gateway to all aquatic sports; rowing, surfing, sailing & scuba diving.

SwimVision Lessons

The SwimVision Lesson Scheme is run to the Amateur Swimming Association's standards and all teachers are fully qualified.

When you join the SwimVision Lesson Scheme you'll see that swimming is a skill that will last a lifetime. Through the years you attend the SwimVision Lesson Scheme you will have a lot of fun and meet some great people in a supportive environment. Learning to swim is an important life skill and is something that will stay with you forever. Make sure you learn to swim with the SwimVision Lesson Scheme.

Our SwimVision lessons are very popular and we currently have a waiting list of all levels, please contact us for further details.

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