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Ashton Playing Fields has an 8 lane fully equipped athletic track and field.


Ashton Playing Fields has a wide spectrum of facilities which caters for diverse and varied customer use. 

The outdoor facilities we provide include an 8 lane fully equipped athletic track and field facilities and 3 grass football pitches. We also have a small gym equipped with all the essentials, function hall and meeting room available for hire.    

The athletic facilities include a competition specification hammer, two long jump/triple jump pits and javelin and shot put areas. There are also high jump and pole vault facilities.

Cricklefields Athletic Ground is the ideal venue for a range of track and field sports. With a 6 lane running track there is always space for long or short distance running, whichever might be your preference.

There are areas for field events such as shot put, hammer throwing, javelin and discus, which are always available. Also, our Triple and Long Jump run-ups and pits are of the highest quality.

Both Ashton Playing Fields and Cricklefields Athletics Ground are ideal for all your athletics needs.

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